Sunday, June 28, 2015

Will Scientist Ever find a "Cure"for Cancer ?

Will Scientist Ever find a "Cure"for Cancer ?
 What would happen if the Cancer industry admitted there was a CURE for cancer? There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been cured of cancer via "alternative" methods,however many of those methods have been banned by the FDA and proclaimed as "unsafe"
 Of course ,oddly enough,chemo and radiation are undoubtedly two of the most dangerous treatments offeres by modern medicine today!
Latest statistics show the incidence of cancer in the US continues to increase despite pre-cancer screening and outrangerously expensive cancer treatments.In fact,per statistics of 2011,nearly 13 million people per year are diagnosed with cancer and sadly nearly 8 million will not survive.
 In response proudly,"Search for the Cure" groups have many yearly events in the hopes of raising great sums of money so the desperately sought after cure will finally be found!
 But will this elusive cure ever be found?
 Weel based on the staggering profit reaped by this terrible disease and compounded by the endless corruption of the medical Many,including some brave medical doctors (who risk their license anytime they champion alternative treatments in lieu of pharmaceuticals) belive the answer is yes! Countless treatments have successfully cured (yes cured)
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 -Grape seed exter
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Will Scientiest Ever find a "Cure" for Cancer
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