Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maintain Eye Health Tips

Protect your eyes and your vision with the following seven tips
1.Stops Smoking
You already know that smoking is injurious to health.However.Dry eyes syndrome and ptic nerve damage.if you have tried to quit before and failed ,try again.

2.Control your blood pressure and blood sugar
High blood preeure [Hypertensions] are not treated can effect vision and even lead to hypertensive retinopathy.Which is damage to the retina due to blood pressure is too strong.The retina is the layer of tissues at the back of the eye. Damage the retina causes vision impaired.
3.Get Best Nutrition for eyes
Protect your eyes with the food on your plate. Eat foods rich in antioxidants.Antiodants can protect and vegetables tend to be colorful rich antioxidants. Vitamins A deficiency causes night blindness disease ,where one can not see in the dim light.Carrots are a major source of pro vitamin A.
5.Use eye Protection
If you work with hazardous materials,wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from injury,damage,and blindness. Wear gogles or helmet mirror when you are riding a motorcycle.certains sport as tennis,swimming.
6.Make a good habit for the eyes
Although eye problems aare generally associated with damage or aging,eye problems can also be cauased by bad habits.Focusing on a fixed distance in long time ,like staring at computer screen or reading  for hours,is one of them.The muscles of your eyes will be locked in a fixed position so that the loss of flexibillity,the object are very close or very far to look blurry.
7.Visit Your eye Doctor
Visit your eye doctor to monitor your health before problems arise.A visit to eye doctor for regular checkup can be done every one or two year,more often if you wear glasses or contact lenses.

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