Sunday, June 28, 2015

Problems That Bananas Solve Better Than Pills

Problems That Bananas Solve Better Than Pills
 1. High Blood Pressure It is known that excessive salt intake and lack of potassium have a negative effect on blood pressure.It is important to have enough potassium in the blood,and bananas are rich in it.It is recommended to eat one banana each morning.This habit will maintain blood pressure at an ideal level.
2. Depression Tryptophan is found in bananas in a form of proteins that stimulate the secretion of the hormone happiness.serotonin.Only one banana is enough to increase the level of this hormone.This hormone increasing is so effective,that it will make you feel calm and happy within minutes.
 3.Stress Stress Speed up the metabolism which makes potassium level to decline.The balance can be achieved by consuming banana because it contains lot of potassium and normalizes heart's work.Also,bananas regulate the optimal a,omount of water in the body.
 4.Constipation Bananas contain pectin,dietetic fiber which speed up digestion and stimulates the removal of toxins from the body.Besides that ,bananas have a prebiotic properties and stimulate digestion,reduce flatulence and ease tension in the intestines due to constipation.
5.PMS Bananas are rich in vitamin B6,which has a positive effect on the level of glucose in the blood ,and it was confirmed that vitamin B helps releving premenstrual symptoms.Bananas reduce pain in the abdomen and waist,regulate mood swings and retain water in the body.
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