Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Black Tea For Weight Loss

 weight loss today is teh need of the hour  for maintaining complete fitnes and also to prevent a host  of disease.people are constantly trying out various diets,latest fads,exercise regimes and plenty of other things to be succesfull lossing  weight.
one such element is black tea.to understand the link beetwen black tea and weight loss observing the origin of black tea,varieties of black tea and  properties of black tea that aid weight loss.

The anti oxidant nature of these compounds are utilized in various activities like weight loss,skin rejuvenation,prevention of cell damage,toname a few.

properties of black tea that helps in weight loss:
1.contains ingredients like caffeine:
one of the primary properties of balck tea is its ingredients,caffeine being one of them.the presence of this caffeine in black tea helps in increasing the heat of the body which support burning calories.
2comprises of very few calories as compared to other beverages
to get rid excess weight one has to get rid of the calories as they are directly proportional to the weight.a positive way of doing this is to consume less calories.this is possible by replacing the igh calories beverage and food like alccohol and desserts by low calories options like black tea.to make it interesting one has the options of several flavours.
3.Detoxifying properties:
Black tea is known for its detoxifying properties taht help in eliminating harmful chemicals from the body.it has polyphenols,aminoacids,catechins and many other such chemicals that  help in the process of detoxification as these help  in clearing  away all the free radicals present.
4. Increase metabolism due to the oxidation process:
Black tea is known for its ability to enhance a  persons stamina by giving his metabolism a good boost.it also very effective in blocking the effects of carbohydrates that are big contributors of weight gain. this is possible as the leaves are exposed to the sun enabling oxidation that is responsible for the rise in the activity.this in turn makes a body super energetic and result in losing more calories thus aiding in weight loss.
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