Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Health and Beauty Benefits of Kale For Health

Benefits of Kale
1.detoxifying Agent
The fiber and sulfur found in kale stimulate the cell and regulates the process of detoxification.It improves the liver health and helps flush out the toxins from your body.
2.anti cancer
kale consist of cancer fighting phytonutrients sulforaphane.
the indole-3-carbinol found in this food inhibits the growth of cancer cell and boost up DNA health.it mainly helps in case of colon cancer and prostate cancer.besides,it loaded with vitamin K which prevent cancer.

3.weight loss
if you are trying to shed those extra pounds,prefer kale. being high fiber,it gives a feeling of fullness nd satietis your tummy for longer.to increase the effectiveness,add aple and llemon juice with kale juice.
4.Immunity booster
being packed with iron,antioxidants,vitamin c,kale help bost up your imune system.it enhance the oxygen supply through blood ,therefore,increae immune.
5.Prevent arthritis
Kale is good source of vitamins c and beta caroten.besides,it is loaded with several vitamins and phytochemicals.this superb food unbalances the molecules whice cause inflammation.thus,help prevent arthritis
6.Treats asthma
kale help fight asyhma naturally and prevent its further occurring due to its antioxidant nature.it block those free radicals which contracts the muscles in airway passage
7.Heart Healthy
being able to reduce bad cholesterol,kale prevent cardiovascular ailments.anti inflammatory ,anti oxidant properties of kale make it perfect food for heart.
8.Improves vision
green vegetables are always suggested bydoctors for aperfect vision.kale excel in improving eye sight because it has lutein and zeaxanthin that protect your eyes against ultraviloet rays.hence,reduce the risk of eye sight disorders like macular degeneration and chataracts.
9.Keep brain helthy
kale has manganese amino acid which improves the working efficiency of brain.those who have high blood sugar are advisedto include kale in their  diet as the presence of omega 3 in kale inhibits the damage to brain cell.
10.Helps during pregnancy
a pregnant women needs etra nutrition.being a powerhouse of nutrition,kale is prescribed to be include in the diet.it supplies folic acid which is very immportant for baby nervous system.besides,it increase breast milk supply after pregancy and keeps mother as well as baby healthy.


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