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Uses And Benefits of Honey for Eyes

Uses and benefits of Honey for Eyes
Besides treating weight loss and other skin problems,honey is also sugessted for natural cure of eye infections such as pink or red eye,dry itchy eyes,treating caataracts and corneal problems.

Whereas using undiluted honey directly into eyes is a perfect way but it burns also.Manuka honey ,which is the best preferred honey used for skin also cures blepharitis and dry eye.
Using just a tablespoon of manuka honey in boiled then cooled water and pouring it over the eyelids twice each day can treat it permanently.

Honey is one natural herbal ingedients which also reduce the wrinkles and fine lines but also help to appear inn future.
Methods for Using Honey for Eyes
-Mix some good amount of honey with one vitamin E gel to get  a fine mixture.Apply this mixture on clean dry face and leave it for about 10 minutes and when rinse it with lukewarm warm.
-Mix equal amounth of honey ,e-white and lemon jice in acup  and aplly it directly under the eye ereasereas.
-Let tehm dry so that they can work briefly on reducing the wrinkles near the eyes along with tightening the surrounding skin area
-Mix 2 tablespoon each of honey  and fennel seeds in a cup and leave this mixture for 3 fdays. Strain the mixing keeping the fennel seeds away and aplly this mixture as a normal facial toner.
Combining honey,olive oil and cream in an equal amount and mixing them  well will give you a fine mixture.Apply this  mixture on your skin and keep it for .15-20 minutes before wzshing it off with plain water.
-Honey anti bacterial properties also treat conjunctivis pink eye.Making home made eyewash by mixng honey with warm milk helps to calm and threat conjuntivitis.Mix them together and keep moving until the honey becomes smooth in the milk.Drop 3-4 drops of this honey-milk mixer with the help of an eyedropper several times a day.The antibacterial properties in the honey and the soothing effects of the milk will stsrt  to work immediatelly and within 24 hours it treats the conjunctivitis.

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Uses and benefits of Honey for Eyes

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