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Natural Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

Natural Home Remedies For Tuberculosis Natural Home Remedies For Tuberculosis(TB) is very common and an infectious disease that is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
TB primarily affects the lungs,but it can also affect organs in the central nervous system,lymphatic system,and circulatory system among others.
TB bacteria cause death of tissue in the organs they infect.
Active TB disease can be fatal if left untreated.The disease was called"consumption" in the past because from within anyone who became infected.
Symptoms of Tuberculosis Most people who become infected with the bacteria that cause tuberculosis actually do not present symptoms of the disease.
However ,when symptoms are present,they include:
 -continuented or a persistent cough of more than three weeks that brings up phlegm
–presence of streaks or drops of blood in the coughed up phlegm or sputum
-weight loss and fatigue and loss of appetite
–fever for a long duration that is not explained by any other cause.
–night sweat.

Treatment of Tuberculosis Using Kitchen Ingredients:

Tuberculosis can be cured in its initial stages by simple And cheaper home remedies. 1.Natural Home Remedy for Tuberculosis orange juice.Salt and Honey: a.take 1 glass of orange juice. b.add a pinch of salt. c.add 1tbsp honey d.mix a well e.drink this juice every day 2.Curing Tuberculosis Naturally Using Indian Gooseberries and Honey: Indian gooseberry is valued by quite a few herbalist in the fight agains TB.Indian gooseberry is often referred to as Amla,and it provides energy and enhances the body's healthy capacity for vigorous action.Prepare the mixture as given below: a.Cut and de-seed 3 washed Indian gooseberries (Amla) b.Crush them to paste c.Press this on a sieve d.Mix it well e.Drink this mixture every morning
3.Natural Home Treatment for Tuberculosis using walnuts:
 a.Remove shells of 2 walnuts.
 b.Crush the walnuts to powder.
 c.Take 2 tsp of this crushed powder
 d.Crush some garlic cloves
 e.Add 1 tsp garlic paste to the walnut powder
 f.Ad 1 tsp clarified butter
 g.Mix it well h.Eat it once every day
4.Milk to Cure Tuberculosis:
 Milk boosts the immune system by providing calcium and thus the finest remedy for tuberculosis that a persons can try making use of if they have tuberculosis in their bones.Calcium could be one of the chief things that a body really needs in the treatment of bone is possible for your to start it slowly,and by raising it,towards the end you are able to reach as much as four to five litres daily.
 5.Natural Home Treatment for Tuberculosis Using Pineapple Juice:
The Juice of a pineapple is the first food that is very much a powerful aid in the fight against tuberculosis.It dissolves mucus and consequently gives quick effects of recovery to individuals.
 6.Natural Home Remedy Using Bananas:
Bananas are commonly found by many to be a valuable aid for those with tuberculosis. Harga Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

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